A.P.O.M is an acronym for ‘A Piece Of Mel.’ ‘Mel’ is symbolic of message or messenger and ‘piece(s)’ is symbolic of the many places a message travels to. Every believer is called to be a messenger of the gospel and every believer is called to a sphere or industry.


We teach believers how to be effective outside of the four walls of the church and in their sphere of influence. We believe every believer has the duty to convey the heart and mind of God, carry out the great commission, use their gifts in their respective spheres of influence, and live a lifestyle of power! 


To further our mission, we created a faith-based lifestyle brand that teaches messengers how to live! We believe your lifestyle is the most effective way to convey that message, so let your life shine! We equip believers to be effective messengers of the gospel by living a life that glorifies God. It’s not what you say, it’s what you do (James 1:22). 


Your life is your ministry! Our mission is to train you to be an effective minister, help you discover and use your gifts, help you steward your influence, and help you walk in the fullness of your calling!


Melissa ‘Mel’ Seamon-Johnson, is an emerging voice in ministry and the marketplace. Known as ‘A Piece Of Mel’ on social media, Mel has built an influential brand raising awareness of our role as believers in our designated spheres of influence. She believes every believer is a messenger and has a unique assignment to take dominion and advance the Kingdom of God here on earth.


As the founder and visionary of APOM, Mel is passionate about using technology to create innovative faith-based platforms to spread the gospel, train and coach believers, and distribute faith-based content.