Back-to-School Prayer Points for Parents

by Shayla Hilton

Where did the summer go? In just a few short weeks, children will be heading back to school. As a former classroom teacher, this would be the time when we would start preparing for the brand-new school year. My days were filled with designing the classroom layout, supply shopping, and lesson planning. I was very curious about my new students and their parents. There would always be a lot of excitement and anticipation for the weeks to come.

I know many students and parents have those same feelings around this time of year. The one thing I wish I would have done differently was to be more prayerful around that time. I was so busy planning and preparing that I did not dedicate enough time to prayer for the school year. I want to encourage you to set your child(ren) up for a successful school year by beginning to pray now. Please do not wait until there are challenges or issues, proactively start praying NOW.

Here are 21 Prayer Points for a Successful School Year:

  1. Pray that your children are excited and have peace about the new school year. Bind the spirits of fear, anxiety, frustration, and overwhelm.
  2. Pray that your children are assigned to the teachers that God has for them. Pray that those teachers are kind, patient, and loving toward your children.
  3. Pray that you and the teachers build a relationship with open communication. Ask The Lord to help you to become a team.
  4. Pray for the other children in your child’s classroom(s). Ask The Lord to cover, keep, and protect those children as well. Pray that God places kind children around your child.
  5. Pray that God will teach your child to be a positive role model in the classroom. A good leader helps others and is not affected by negative influences.
  6. Pray that your child’s mind will be open to learning and receiving the curriculum. Ask The Lord to help them focus, tune out the distractions, and apply what he/she is learning.
  7. Pray that your child’s school is protected and saturated in the blood of Jesus. Pray for warring angels to guard the school and a hedge of fire to be around the entire community.
  8. Pray that your child is protected on the school bus, in the car, or walking as they travel to and from school each day.
  9. Pray that your child is safe on the playground or during PE classes.
  10. Pray that your child is not involved in any fights or danger while on the school campus.
  11. Pray that the curriculum does not teach anything that you disapprove of as a Christian parent. If it does, ask God to give you the wisdom so you know what to do.
  12. Pray for the school district leaders and state district leaders who are making decisions about your children. Ask God to put the right people in place and give them the wisdom to govern accordingly.
  13. Pray for your child’s principal, assistant principal, and other school leaders. Ask God to set the right people in place who truly have a heart for children.
  14. Pray that God would bless the support staff in the school and increase their discernment. They are often the ones who see everything and know what’s going on (custodians, cafeteria staff, assistants, front office staff, etc.)
  15. Pray that your child’s school would have the funding that they need.
  16. Pray that the food being served will be healthy, safe, and nurturing for your child.
  17. Pray for children who will need PEPs (Personalized Education Plans) and IEPs (Individualized Education Programs). Ask The Lord to give the teachers wisdom so the children get what they need. Ask The Lord to help the parents to advocate for their child and learn about the process and the next steps.
  18. Pray for older children who are ready to give up and want to drop out of school. Ask The Lord to put the right people on their path so they stay and complete school.
  19. Pray for children who have been (or will be) bullied in school. Ask The Lord to bring awareness to these issues and put an end to it quickly. Pray that teachers and administrators will step in and students will feel safe at school.
  20. Pray that community organizations and churches will rally around your child’s school to provide positive role models and resources.
  21. Pray that PTAs (Parent Teacher Association) will thrive this year. Ask The Lord to show you how to be more involved in what is happening at your child’s school. Pray that He would show you which roles to fill.

You are fully equipped as an intercessor for your child(ren) and their school. You have what it takes to pray Heaven down and back up the enemy. God is counting on you to pray and ensure that this is the best school year your child has ever had!


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Melaney July 31, 2023 - 8:40 am

This is so on time! Thank you Shayla for reminding us how important it is to not only plan but PRAY! I told the kids this is like a new year for us. Im going to incorporate these prayer points into their 1st 21 days of school because they are soooooo good and necessary for all our students around the world! We will be praying one prayer point each morning on the way to school.🙏🏾 Beautiful article that I will be printing out and using frequently! Lol. 🥰🙏🏾😇

Shayla Hilton July 31, 2023 - 2:10 pm

I love that so much! One prayer point each day is a great way to start the school year strong!

Chiquitha Hawkins July 31, 2023 - 2:55 pm

I absolutely love this prayer and know it is confirmation to what I prayed over my children this morning, on their first day of school.

Shayla Hilton July 31, 2023 - 5:02 pm

Praise God! So glad to hear that!

Lakeisha Johnson July 31, 2023 - 4:28 pm

Shayla, this is an amazing article and thank you for these prayer points for our children! I stand in agreement! It starts with us as parent to cover our children in Jesus Name! I will be incorporating one prayer point every day. Amen!!❤️

Shayla Hilton July 31, 2023 - 5:02 pm

I’m so glad to hear that! Amen!

Tonya Smallwood July 31, 2023 - 7:51 pm

Thank you so much Shayla.

Shayla Hilton July 31, 2023 - 8:30 pm

Yes and Amen, Sis!


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