You’re Right on Time!

How to Get Unstuck and Build Momentum the Rest of the Year

by Shayla Hilton

We are six months into the new year and quickly approaching the second half of the year. Most people have given up on their goals, hopes, and dreams for the year. Disappointments, setbacks, and trials typically stop people right in their tracks and they pack those goals away for a more convenient time. I want to encourage you to revisit your goals from January and dust off those old dreams. It is not too late for you! I want to prophetically announce to you that You’re Right on Time! It may not seem like it and you may still be facing challenges, but you still have six whole months to step into God’s plan for your life and leave behind everything that has been trying to hold you back.

This year started out quite rocky for me, but I am still determined to keep going and receive everything that God has for me. On Christmas Day, some water pipes burst in my home causing a lot of damage. If you have ever dealt with water damage, then you know it can be a lengthy process. The insurance claims, the repairs, new carpet, checking for mold etc. Then, the very next week on New Years Day, my dog (that I had for 10 + years) suddenly died. He was an older dog and had developed a slight heart murmur over the years, but I guess you are still never really prepared for these types of things. As you can imagine, it took months to work through the damage and the grief. I could have easily decided to give up on my hopes and dreams for this year (and trust me I did several times), but I felt God continue to urge me to keep moving forward. I believe He is saying the same thing to you today. I do not know what the first six months of this year have been like for you, but I do know that the remaining six months can be completely different.

Friend, this is your moment. You’re right on time to get unstuck and build momentum for the rest of the year! If you’re going to take back your year and start building momentum, you must AIM:

  1. ASSESS– First, take a realistic assessment of what has happened. Ask yourself the following questions and write out your answers: (1) Where am I? (2) Am I satisfied with my life today? (3) How did I get here?
  2. INVENTORY– Next, take an honest inventory of your life. Ask yourself the following questions and write out your answers: (1) What do I have left? (2) What resources do I have access to? (3) What can I use to build/rebuild?
  3. MOVE– Then, create an action plan to build momentum. Ask yourself the following questions and write out your answers: (1) What do I want to accomplish? (2) What is my next step? (3) How can I make some progress this week?

Where you are today is not where or how you have to end this year. Begin to pray and AIM with God and you will see things start to change. Before you know it, you will be building momentum and moving from here to where God desires you to be. Don’t quit because You’re Right on Time!

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Melaney July 10, 2023 - 8:05 am

Shayla, I read this at just the right time! Thank you for this much needed pressing to keep going! It’s not too late. Amazing article! 😇

Shayla Hilton July 16, 2023 - 8:24 pm

Amen! I’m so glad to hear that.


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