What am I Doing with My Life?

Strategies to Walk in Your Calling and Fulfill Purpose

by Shayla Hilton

Have you ever wondered why you were born and what you were supposed to do with the time that you have here on earth? Do you spend your days feeling like there must be more for you? If so, you are certainly not alone. Many people often ask, “what is my purpose, and what am I called to do?” Interestingly enough, purpose, calling, and destiny are words that we often hear, but struggle to adequately define.

Rest assured, if you are a Believer of Jesus Christ then your life has purpose, and you are called to do great things for the Kingdom of God. Purpose is more general and includes things like glorify God with your life, make disciples, love people, serve others to name a few. Calling is more specific to each individual. God created you with a unique set of skills, talents, and experiences to help you complete the assignment(s) that He has just for you.

Walking with God can be challenging, but He will give you what is necessary for the journey. Everything that you need is already on the inside of you. You just have to decide to surrender to God and start moving in the direction that He is leading you. If you are going to discover your calling and fulfill your purpose, then here are a few things that will help you along the way.

Cultivate a Lifestyle

When you decide that you are going after purpose, cultivating a lifestyle will keep you on the path. Your lifestyle will require some changes. This will look like increasing your prayer time, spending more time reading your Bible, fasting, and giving up some things (and people) that no longer align with where you are going. The more time you spend with God, the more He will reveal to you the changes that need to be made. It can be very difficult, and the ‘old you’ will want to resist, but the next version of yourself requires that you shake off the old and step into the new. There will be pressure, there will be opposition, there will be pushback, but you will be so glad that you kept going once you make it to the other side.

Commit and Course Correct

Once you take an inventory of your life and start to make the necessary changes, God will give you more insight into what He has specifically called you to do. You will have to decide to commit to your calling and then course correct when needed. At first, you probably will not fully understand what God is calling you to do or how it will all happen, but you must decide to give God a yes anyway. You will most likely be uncomfortable and unsure, but all He is looking for is your willingness to surrender and obey. Once you take the next step and start working on the thing that God called you to do, He may ask you to put that down, work on something else, or go in another direction. As difficult as it may be, you have to be willing to lay it down and obey; this is how God course corrects. Even when the people change, your location shifts, or the assignment fizzles out you are still called and God still has a great plan for your life.

Fight for It

As you fulfill God’s purpose for your life and you learn more and more about your calling there will be challenges along the way. Your relationship with God will be increasing, you will be using your gifts for God’s glory, and the lives of the people around you will be forever changed. The enemy does not want to see you succeed. When you succeed, everything around you gets blessed. Your family gets stronger, your business grows, and the people you encounter will be encouraged and inspired. The very last thing the devil wants is for you to know who you are in Christ as you confidently walk in your calling. That means your journey may not always be easy. You are going to have to fight for it. You are going to have to trust God like never before. You are going to have to keep going and keep pressing forward on days when you do not feel like it. Walking in your calling is not a short sprint; it is more like a marathon. You are on a journey with God, and it will take a lot of time in His presence to remain strong and endure to the end.

You are called to do great things in the earth. You will make an impact and you will leave a legacy. Many people will be blessed because you decided to say yes to God. You might not have a lot of clarity today, but you are destined to use all that God has given you to bring Him glory while helping others. Do not worry about all the details. Just trust God for the next step. As you begin to cultivate a lifestyle, commit and course correct (when necessary), and fight for everything that God has for you, the unique path that you are on will become clearer and clearer. You will no longer wonder what you are doing with your life, but you will know that you are in His will, you are using the gifts that He has given you, and it is all coming together in a beautiful way for your good and His glory.

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Melaney Hardeman March 10, 2023 - 8:12 pm

This is such an incredible article! Beautiful and so very very true! I am blessed by these words and can completely identify and confirm the truth written. Thank you sis for this!👏🏾🙏🏾♥️

Shayla Hilton March 14, 2023 - 11:07 am

Amen! I’m so glad to hear that!


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