Spiritual Habits you Need More of in 2023

These Spiritual Habits Will Change Your Life

by Mel
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When was the last time you gave your spiritual life an upgrade? We don’t always realize it, but we outgrow routines and disciplines when we’ve done something for so long. Maybe you’ve outgrown your daily devotional reading or praying for thirty minutes a day. Maybe you’ve outgrown only attending Sunday services or bible studies. Maybe you’ve outgrown the last revelation or the last spiritual experience you’ve had with God and you’re hungry for more. These spiritual disciplines will help upgrade your spiritual life, increase and fulfill your spiritual appetite, and stretch your capacity to retain more spiritual truths and revelations.

Before we get into spiritual habits, let’s talk about the signs that your spiritual life needs an upgrade.

Signs that you’re in Need of a Spiritual Upgrade

  • You spend time with God out of routine only
  • You no longer feel fulfilled
  • You’re not seeing any results in your life
  • You’re becoming bored with your routine
  • Your flesh is stronger than your spirit man
  • You have an inkling or feeling that there is more

Can you identify with either of these signs? Of course, there are more signs, but these are the top five that I’ve noticed personally and speaking with others. I’d like to also mention that you know yourself better than anyone else. You know when your spiritual life is declining. Pay attention to those signs and do something different to revive your spirit before you experience a spiritual death (the end of your pursuit of the things of God).

I always look for ways to upgrade my spiritual life! I love trying new things and stretching myself in the things of God. It helps me grow and it builds my spiritual stamina. So, I’ve put together a list of spiritual habits that will help you grow in 2023.

Spiritual Habits you Need More of in 2023

  • Pray early. Make it a habit to seek God early! We tend to be busy during the day and exhausted at night. Setting a prayer time before your day begins helps you spend uninterrupted time with God.
  • Actively listen to God. God is speaking, but we don’t always hear him because we’re talking. Make time to sit still after prayer or sit still during your prayer time to listen.
  • Call and pray for someone. Make it a habit to call and pray for a friend or loved one at least once a month. Intercession displays the heart of God while touching the heart of God’s children.
  • Exchange social media/web surfing time with reading the bible. We waste a lot of time on social media or the internet. We get lost in the scroll as we’re scrolling for hours, opening ourselves up to whatever our algorithm suggests to us. Instead of opening up your social media app, open your bible app instead.
  • Study the bible. Reading the bible and studying the bible are two different things. We read the bible without fully taking our time to understand what we’re reading. When you plan to study your bible, block out a designated time, bring a dictionary, concordance, and any study materials that will aid you in your studies.

If you start implementing these five habits in 2023, you’ll see significant changes in your spiritual life. As the saying goes, to get something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done. There’s another level waiting on you, but it’s going to take some changes to get there. You have to be willing to stretch yourself beyond the norm and comfort levels to obtain it.

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1 comment

Melaney Hardeman February 12, 2023 - 8:42 am

I can truly attest to this article! I have been in a place of thirst. Something just wasn’t quite right. I was doing all the “things” but I wasn’t really intimate and intentional with a clear mind when I’d pray and read the word.
These principles are priceless and I appreciate the reminder. What stands out to me is prayer time in the mornings. When I wait until evening, my focus is different. Thank you for these reminders I will be practicing them.


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